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Terms & Conditions

Please note the following points regarding our service offerings. By hiring our repair service, you are agreeing to the points mentioned below.
  • We will not be liable for any goods sent without a verified order number / with an incorrect order number or not booked through the website.
  • We perform repairs as advertised only for iPhones and iPods that haven’t undergone failed repair attempts previously. If your repair is identified as “not as described” at the time when booked in and you wish to have the device returned, we will charge a fee for free diagnosis and $10 return fee.
  • We take no responsibility for data loss or retrieval that may be stored in your device. Ensure to back up your device before sending it to us.
  • All our repair services are served within Australia only.
Warranty Exclusions
  • Password-protected devices will not be tested after the repair is completed, and no warranty will be provided on the repair. Please remove all lock codes when sending your device to ensure we can test thoroughly post repairs.
  • Jailbroken devices will not be covered under warranty.
  • Any accessories or boxes sent with your device may not be returned. Please send the device with no SIM card, accessories and box/packaging you may wish to have returned later.
  • If your device was initially under Apple warranty, this warranty will become automatically become void when the damage has occurred to the device, and will still remain void after we repair it. We take no responsibility for your device that is under Apple warranty.
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Lost package policy
All packages sent out are insured according to our current market value. If a package gets lost somehow, we will replace the device with an identical item, or we will pay you the desired amount equivalent to its present value (at our discretion).
Abandonment policy
We hold items usually for 60 days. Post the term, the device will be considered as abandoned, and we will recycle it with best industry practises. However, we are not liable to inform you about this when done.
No invoices will be provided prior to payment. Once you make the payment, all repairs will be emailed with a tax invoice attached with the email address provided during the book-in process.
  • We only accept payment for mail-in items by credit card. You can use any payment gateway as per your convenience and you can be rest assured no credit card details are ever seen or recorded by us.
  • Cash and credit card payment both are available in store. A tax invoice will be provided with all walk-in repairs.
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