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Steps to Take to Limit Water Damage of iPhone Before Experts Step in

iPhone Liquid Damage Repairs Brisbane

The last thing that you would like to see your iPhone encountering, is water damage. But unfortunately, this mishap does take place, and if appropriate stands are not taken timely, it renders these devices useless. Hence, it is imperative that if and when your iPhone faces water damage, you get your device to the professionals of your nearest store that conducts Apple iPhone Repair in Brisbane. However, before that you need to take certain steps to limit the damage and make the life of the technicians trifle easier. Let us discuss them on this page.

Turn Off the Device

The first and foremost thing to do after your iPhone has sustained water damage, is switching it off. DO NOT turn the device on to see whether it is still working or not. Turning your device on will only cause more damage!

Remove the Accessories or Case

If your iPhone has a case attached, it will invariably hold some additional water or whatever liquid it has been damaged by. So remove the case or any other accessories immediately.

See if Your Iphone is Water Resistant

To one school of thought, the very concept of a water resistant iPhone is a myth. Yet, if your iPhone is water resistant, and if it has been damaged by any other liquid other than water, then it is recommended to rinse the device off in still tap water. The experts offering Phone Repairs in Brisbane would caution to rinse it off only and only on still tap water – not running tap water, as it will only result in additional damage to your device.

Wipe Off Your Phone Thoroughly

The next step would be to wipe the phone off, with lint-free cloth comprehensively.

Removal of Additional Liquid

Now it is time to remove the additional liquid. You can do it by lightly tapping your device with your hand with the charging port of the device facing the floor. This will help in the removal of excess water.

Taking Off the Sim Card and Drying the Phone

Now take off the sim card and keep the phone in front of a big fan that blows dry, cool air directly in. The experts will recommend not using any hair dryer or any heat gun for drying the device as too much strong flow of air and the heat will only inflict damage to your iphone.

The experts would also caution the users not to charge the iPhone till it is completely dry. So, if you are prompted by the instinct of charging for the purpose of checking if the phone is working, you must control that urge. Once you have taken those initial steps, it is recommended that you take the device to any Phone Repair Store in Brisbane. The technicians out there will do whatever further has to be done to fix your phone and ensure it is up and running yet again.

If you are in and around Brisbane, get your phone to us at PhoneFixed. Call us to fix an appointment before you turn up.

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What are the Signs that Indicate the Battery of Your iPad Needs Replacement?

iPad Battery Replacement Brisbane

iPads, like any Apple product, are astounding devices. They not only have a functional edge over other devices of a similar genre, but they underline the style statement of the users as well. However, all these apply only, and only when your iPad functions in precisely the way it should. At times they don’t – and that’s when you find yourself in a fix. Nevertheless, there are a number of problems that may plague your iPad, and these snags are pretty obvious. One of the most obvious issues that your iPad faces, more so after prolonged usage, is a depleted battery. As and when the battery reaches its fag end, it tends to return certain obvious signs to make you aware of the fact that it’s time to take your device to a store for iPad battery replacement in Brisbane.

Now the question is, what are those signs that will tell you that the battery of your iPad needs to be replaced? Let us discuss them on this page.

The Device Stops Without Any Word of Warning 

At times you will find that the iPad you are using stops working without any word of warning. It may even shut down completely suddenly. And you will find this happening despite the fact that the battery has been fully charged.

The Battery Takes Ages to Get Charged but Loses Juice Fast

This is another telltale sign that says it is time to have the battery of your iPad replaced. You will discover that the battery of your iPad will take ages to get fully charged, or it will not get 100% charged at all. However, when it comes to losing juice, it will lose it in a jiffy. This is far from normal and clearly indicates that it is finally time to take your device to a store that conducts Apple iPad battery replacement in Brisbane.  

The Battery Gets Overheated

Your iPad will produce some amount of heat when you use it for a considerable period. That’s pretty normal and should not raise any alarm. However, at times you will find the battery of your iPad getting excessively hot to touch. Now, this is not normal and it is the fallout of a faulty battery that has to be replaced immediately.

The Battery Outgrowing Its Case

This is a very common symptom of a dead device battery and your iPad is no exception. You will find the rear of the iPad is bulging out a bit and with time, this bulge keeps on increasing. This is because the battery of your iPad has outgrown the size of its case. If so, get your device to the nearest store that performs phone repairs in Brisbane, including iPad battery replacement, and they will replace the battery in no time.

Remember, you must not delay in having the dying battery of your iPad replaced. The reason being, continuing to use the iPad with a dying battery will not take it back to the pink of health, and secondly, and most importantly, it will put excessive pressure on the circuits, depreciating them needlessly.

That is why you need to get your iPhone to a reputed mobile phone repair store in Brisbane that is equally competent in changing iPad batteries.

PhoneFixed is the best name to take your device to if you are in & around Brisbane as we are the best in the business. Call us to book our service before turning up.

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iPhone DIYs That May Resolve the Dead Pixels on the Screen

Mobile Phone Repairs Brisbane

The screen of the iPhone is resilient. It produces stunning images and colours. However, if you aren’t so lucky, you might experience a few dead pixels on the display. What’s worse, they can spread and can make the display look worse. So, you can pretty well understand that dead pixels indicate that it’s time to take your device to technicians in Brisbane. But wait, there are still a few things that you can try out before booking an appointment and here, we will discuss them since they can get rid of the dead screen problem.

Use an App

To fix the iPhone screen in Brisbane, you can use a DIY method which is none other than using an app that offers to resolve dead pixels by using specific algorithms. This technique might work or might not. However, it’s worth a try since they generally do not affect the screen. However, even after using the app, if you don’t see any difference, get the iPhone checked by a technician. He will examine it and do the needful.

The Mild Pressure Technique

If you notice dead pixels on the screen of your iPhone, you can try out the mild pressure technique which is nothing but applying some pressure on the screen surface, particularly on the area affected by dead pixels. For this, you can use a lint cloth which you need to wrap on a pencil eraser and then apply pressure on the place where you notice dead pixels. However, as mentioned earlier, if this technique doesn’t work either, book an appointment with technicians offering iPhone screen repairs in Brisbane.

Mild Heating Technique

Though this is an effective DIY technique for removing dead pixels from iPhone screens, you need to be very careful if you are trying this out. Otherwise, you might permanently damage the screen.

You will need to heat up a lint cloth by boiling it in water and then sealin it inside a plastic bag. But make sure that the bag is not excessively hot. Now, slowly rub the bag on your iPhone’s screen after switching it off. Then, wait for a few minutes and turn it on to see the dead pixel issue being resolved.

Keep the iPhone Turned Off For a Few Hours

Sometimes, keeping the OLED screen turned off for a few hours can get rid of the dead pixels and since this is by far the easiest DIY, you should surely try this out. But as usual, if those pixels still exist, you should book an appointment with technicians carrying out cheap mobile phone repairs in Brisbane.

Waiting for a Few Days to Resolve on Its Own

Sometimes, dead pixels on iPhones can occur when and if a particle of dirt gets stuck on the OLED. However, with time these particles can shift on their own causing the problem to be resolved automatically. Though this is not exactly DIY, it’s still worth trying out.

Generally, these are the 5 safe DIY techniques that can help eliminate dead pixels. So, you can try them out without being apprehensive.

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How Can You Elongate the Battery Life of Your Samsung Smartphone?

Samsung Mobile Repair Store Brisbane

The battery of a Samsung smartphone is no different from that of the devices of the other brands. It’s the same Li-Ion battery that can get depleted quickly if you don’t use it as prescribed. But if you are in Brisbane and do not know the right methods of retaining the battery of your smartphone, you will need to get it replaced every few years. Or, if your battery is depleted already and you want to get it replaced, the points mentioned here can help you extend the lifespan of the new one, thus saving you money.

Avoid Keeping Your Smartphone in a Very Hot Place

You should keep your smartphone in a cool place if you want to extend the life of its battery. In fact, most technicians performing Samsung battery replacements in Brisbane suggest that you avoid keeping your device in the car’s dashboard and near the oven since these are the two places that can get excruciatingly hot.

Basically, it has been seen that soaring temperatures not only accelerate battery depletion but also affect the chemical composition of lithium which leads to permanent damage to these batteries. So, you should follow the suggestions of the technicians.

Minimise Smartphone Usage While the Device Is Charging

Many people charge their Samsung phones while it is charging. This unnecessarily puts a lot of pressure on the batteries. Therefore, if you want to extend the lifespan of the same, avoid usage while they are charging. Doing so will also help you keep the device cool which will help retain its performance.

Don’t Use Incompatible Chargers

There is a lot of debate in the smartphone industry regarding the usage of chargers.

Generally, experts performing Samsung smartphone repairs in Brisbane recommend that you use a compatible charger for your smartphone. This will help you retain the device as well as battery performance.

Reduce Screen Brightness or Use Auto Brightness  

The more the brightness on your Samsung screen, the more battery drain you will experience. But if this goes on, your battery will deplete faster which will lead you to charge your device now and then. This way, the charging cycle of the battery will be reduced and you will need to replace the same quickly. So, the best solution is to keep the screen brightness down or use the ‘Auto Brightness’ option to extend the battery of your device.

Don’t Fully Charge Your Phone  

To increase the lifespan of your Samsung smartphone, charge it to 80%, but not more than that. This does not put pressure on the battery. At the same time, you must charge your device when the battery percentage reaches 20% because if it reaches below that, charging can take longer and it puts pressure on the battery too.

So, follow these directions to keep the battery of your smartphone healthy. Otherwise, if you are experiencing issues with it, take it to a reputable mobile repair store in Brisbane. The technicians there will replace the same to make your device functional again.

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What are the Risks of Delaying the Cracked Screen Repairs for Samsung Smartphones?

Samsung Screen Repairs

There are times when you might be tempted to continue using your mobile phone with a damaged or cracked screen. Well, it may not make any major difference if the cracks are superficial. However, if they are not – then using your phone with a cracked screen will make a difference and that will not be not a very good experience for you as the end user.

On this page, you let us discuss the risks of delaying in taking your Samsung phone with a damaged screen to your nearby mobile phone repair shop that offers Samsung screen repairs in Brisbane or wherever you are staying.

They Cracks Will Further Widen and Deepen

When you delay in replacing the cracked screen of your Samsung phone, you only invite trouble. That;s because with time and use the cracks that were in the hairline initially, will start widening and deepening, and when that continues to happen they pave the way for the dust and dirt to get in touch with the circuits, causing your device to malfunction.

They Cracks Will Shed Glass Chips From Their Edges

This is one of the side effects of using a mobile phone with cracks. The cracks will keep on shedding glass chips in bits and pieces, and they will pose a threat to the paws of your pets or tender skins of the kids and toddlers of your family.

The Cracks Will Turn the Screen Less Sensitive

When you continue using a Samsung phone with a screen that is damaged, or have turned somewhat numb, the screen will continue to get less and less sensitive. When that happens, instead of feather touches, you need to apply more pressure to give command. This will put more pressure on the circuits with time, causing graver damage to your mobile. That’s why, you should not delay in getting your Samsung phone to the mobile phone repair shop for a prompt and perfect Samsung screen replacement in Brisbane. You have to be proomp to resolve the Samsung mobile phone screen issue.

They Cause Unnecessary Pressure on Your Eye

When you continue using a phone with a cracked screen, that will put unnecessary pressure on your eyes. The light emitting from the screen will get refracted by the edge of the cracks and will cause refraction, which will cause optical illusion and put pressure on your eyes. Thus you see, not getting your phone to a mobile phone repair shop for a prompt screen replacement also causes some health issues that cannot be ignored at all.

It Will Reduce the Resale Value

If you have plans to sell off your old Samsung phone then do it before replacing the screen if it is damaged or cracked. it will reduce its resale value.

A Phone With a Cracked Screen Looks Uncouth

When you continue using a mobile phone with a cracked screen, that’s not a very pretty sight as your phone looks uncouth. Hence, get your Samsung phone to a quality shop sooner than later that does Samsung Cracked Screen Replacement in Brisbane for a same day screen replacement service.

If you are in and around Brisbane, PhoneFixed is the best name to get your phone to, as we are amongst the best. Call us to fix an appointment.

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How to Choose the Best Company for MacBook Screen Replacement?

MacBook Screen Replacement Brisbane

There are times when you will find that the screen of your MacBook is posing several issues. You will find it flickering for no apparent reasons, it has lost its resolution, it is running gridlines across the length and breadth of the display, it is cracked or damaged the list may go on. All said and done, you need to have it changed under all the above circumstances and for that you need to be careful enough to ensure that you do not have to repent later on. You will find a number of companies offering Macbook repairs in your location and you can find them online by using the keyphrase, ‘best Macbook repair providers near me’. However, not all of them are equally competent. You must put stakes on a name that has the following qualities in them.

They Have to Be Experienced and Reputed

When it comes to picking a name that offers MacBook repairs in Brisbane or elsewhere, you must vouch for a name that has been in the industry for long. Well, this does not imply that the newcomers are pushovers, but you should not bestow the responsibility of handling your Apple gadget to a service provider that does not have that much experience of fixing MacBooks. It will leave you in the corridor of uncertainty and unnecessary strain. You should rather put stakes on the more seasoned ones who have the experience of handling various issues that plague MacBooks of various models with success and resolving them, and have earned reputation by doing so. One great advantage of putting stakes in them is that they will leave you in peace out of the thought that you have had the best techies taking care of your gadget, with safest pairs of hands.

They Need to Have the Latest Tools in Their Possession

Mere experience and expertise will not save the day for the techies. They need to have the right tools in their possession to ensure that the solutions they come up with are the best in terms of quality. Moreover, the use of the latest tools denotes the fact that you have had the most competent techies taking care of the issues. The reason being, the techies need to have the expertise of using the right tools in the right ways, to make the most of it. Not only will it ensure a flawless repair but a quick service as well. When you have the best, the most knowledgeable and competent experts dealing with your MacBook using state of the art tools in a perfect way, you naturally enjoy the shortest possible TAT. That’s what happens when you opt for MacBook screen repairs or replacement in Brisbane or repair of other parts.

They Have to Provide Warranty of Replacement Parts

When it comes to replacing the faulty spare parts, the techies must do so using their genuine counterparts. For instance, when you need to go for MacBook Screen Replacement in Brisbane, you must ensure the faulty screen of your device is replaced by a genuine one. Reputed companies would do so, and as such offer warranty on spare parts to justify your investment in them.

Thus, if you are in Brisbane, Call us, as we maintain all these points and have turned out to be the best in the business over the years.

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Common Google Pixel Screen Issues Caused by Software Bugs

Cheap Google Pixel Screen Replacement

You will need to visit your nearby technician in Brisbane if your Google pixel screen is giving you trouble. However, you will be astonished to learn that not all of these are caused by wear and tear, heavy impact, or even water or any other type of liquid. Some are caused by software bugs as well. However, when you are experiencing screen problems, it can be hard to determine whether the issue is caused by the former or the latter. So, it is always best to get your device checked by a technician if you want to know the reason for the issues.

Here, we will discuss some of the screen problems in your Google Pixel screen that are generally caused primarily by OS glitches. These problems are typically resolved with a software update.

Quick Screen Heating 

This is one of the most common problems that you might face in your device due to a software glitch. This issue will start showing up right after the OS update and will be resolved in the next iteration. However, if the heating is getting worse, you should immediately get it checked by a technician who performs Google Pixel screen repairs in Brisbane. If he finds that it is indeed a software issue, he will roll back your device to the previous update.

Locked Refresh Rate

Recent Google Pixel devices have higher screen refresh rate capability. You can set this to the ‘Auto’ mode or set this to a refresh rate of your choice. However, if you are suddenly seeing that you cannot change the refresh rate or even if you are changing the same, there is no effect, then it’s a software bug and the issue will be resolved in the next update. However, to be definite about the fact, you can get the device checked by a technician.

HDR Is Inactive

If you notice that the HDR got inactive by default after a software update, it is 100% a software glitch. The problem in this instance is that you cannot set it to on. Anyway, this will be resolved in the next update. However, if the issue still persists right after the next update, you should get it checked by a professional carrying out cheap Google Pixel repairs in Brisbane.

Auto Brightness Issue 

This is another conventional problem in Google Pixel phones caused by software glitches. In these circumstances, all you need to do is change the brightness whenever needed, which can be problematic and sometimes frustrating. However, this is an issue which does not cause much trouble and will be resolved in a later update.

Reduction of Screen On Time

A faulty software update can reduce the screen on time of your device. In fact, even if you change the value to something higher, the screen on time will stay intact. This issue is also resolved in the following updates. However, even if the problem persists after the next update, you will need to get your device checked by professionals carrying out cheap Google Pixel screen replacements in Brisbane.

The technicians will assess your device and if they find that the screen is faulty, they will replace it on the same day.

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Signs Of Water Damage You Should Look For In Your iPad

iPad Liquid Damage Repairs Brisbane

iPads aren’t waterproof. So, if, by any chance, you drop it in water, it might fail to work. However, there are other indications too that can tell you whether your device has become water damaged or if it has received any type of liquid damage. We will discuss those signs here and if you do notice them, you should take your device to a technician in Brisbane to repair the same.

iPad Fails to Start 

If your device fails to start after it was dropped in water accidentally, rest assured that you will have to book an appointment with a technician carrying out iPad liquid damage repairs in Brisbane.

Since these devices are not waterproof, as mentioned already, liquid can easily damage the components inside. In this scenario, the professional will first inspect the device and remove the rest of the water. After that, they will repair or replace the damaged components to make them functional again.

iPad Auto Restarting

If water has entered your iPad and if it is auto restarting, this is a tell-tale sign that a few components inside have become damaged.

Since water is itself a chemical, it can affect the PCB and other components of the iPad. Thus, when the components weaken, it can trigger the auto restarting problem. In this instance, you will need to fix your water-damaged iPad in Brisbane.

Charging Port Fails to Work    

If the charging port of your iPad fails to work after it has received splashes of water, you can consider it as a sign that the device needs repairing.

As mentioned earlier, when and if water comes in contact with metals, it can change the default chemical composition which can disrupt the natural charging process. In this scenario, either the technician will repair the charging port or replace it fully to make the iPad functional again.

Battery Drains Quickly

If the battery starts draining quickly right after your iPad is drenched in water, for instance, book an appointment with the technician offering cheap iPad repairs in Brisbane.

As you can easily understand, the battery has been damaged by water and hence, it will have to be replaced. However, before replacing the same, the technicians will examine the device and remove water so that the device starts working flawlessly.

Display Malfunctioning

A common sign of iPad water damage is the malfunctioning of its display.

In this domain, you can notice several issues such as blurry images, display garbage, dead pixels, etc. In this scenario, you must not delay. Search the internet with the keyword ‘fix my iPad in Brisbane’ and find out a technician to get your device repaired. Otherwise, water can lead to permanent screen burn.

Low Audio Sound

Another sign of iPad water damage is low audio sound, especially if it starts occurring after you dropped your device in water.

However, if the technician finds out that the damage to the audio port is not critical, they will repair it. Otherwise, they will replace the same.

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Signs that Say Your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Screen Needs Replacement

Samsung Repairs Brisbane

The screen of your smartphone is the mainstay of the functionality of the device. You  communicate with the device via the screen commanding it and things to do. The screen of  the modern smartphones have gone high tech, and the one of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is no exception.  And when the screen goes for a toss it returns a number of problems, for which you may have to take the device to a store that offers Samsung screen replacement in Brisbane, or elsewhere.  Here  is a brief account of them.

A Rock Dead or Unresponsive Screen

There are times when you will find that the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is as dead as a rock. You will find that there are no battery related issues as you may have a new battery, and the charging port and the  charger cords are fine as well.

Well. It may very well be a logic board related problem, but a visit to a store that offers Samsung repairs in Brisbane or elsewhere, depending upon your location, may reveal nothing is wrong with the logic board. That will leave you with the screen to be held accountable.

Again, at times you will find that the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has become non responsive. No matter how hard you try the screen will not respond.

The Screen Resolution Going Haywire

The screens of the modern smartphones are known for their colour resolution and clarity. However, at times you will find that the clarity of the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has gone haywire and no  matter how many times you reboot the device to perform a power drainage, nothing improves.

When that happens, you need to get your phone to a store that conducts Samsung screen replacement in Brisbane or wherever you are.

A Slow and Sluggish Screen

If clarity and colour resolution are two USPs  of the screens of the modern smartphones, the pace at which the screens pick up commands and react these days is the other plus point. However, this is where the defective screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G may fall behind. You will find that the screen of your device has become slow and sluggish and is not as prompt as it used to be. This again is a telltale sign that you need to get your phone to a store that offers cheap Samsung phone repairs in Brisbane or wherever you are.

Broken, Damaged or Cracked Screen

You do not have to be a specialist to ascertain that the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G  has to be repaired or replaced, when the screen is broken, damaged or cracked. Well, depending upon the extent of damage and the depth and the nature of the cracks you may continue using it. However, we will never recommend you doing so, unless the cracks are really minor or absolutely superficial.  The reason being, that will expose the internal circuits of your phone to dust and other foreign particles that may swoop through the cracks, leading to serious technical snags.

Thus, we always recommend visiting a store that offers screen replacement or repair.  If you are in and around Brisbane, PhoneFixed is the best name to turn to. Call us today to fix an appointment.

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Can iPhone Screen Protectors Keep the Device Display Safe?

Mobile Phone Repairs Brisbane

A crack on the display of your iPhone will not be very difficult to fix due to the presence of expert technicians in and around Brisbane. But repairing or replacing the screen can prove to be costly. However, one possible solution is to use a screen protector to keep the display safe. Now, there are differences of opinion among experts regarding these protectors. So, we will not delve into this. Rather, we will discuss whether you should invest in these products.

Screen Crack Protection

High-quality screen protectors can, to a certain extent, protect the display of your iPhone from minor cracks. But they are ineffective against large-scale impacts. Thus, you will need to take your device to a technician carrying out iPhone cracked screen repairs in Brisbane to do what’s necessary.

The technician will remove the protector and repair the deep cracks possibly on the same day. Thus, you can use the protector as a safeguard against minor impacts.

Screen Water Damage

Among the iPhone components that can be damaged by water, the display is one of the most essential ones. However, a screen protector can fend off some amount of water from the screen. But naturally, it does not have the capacity to protect the screen from large amounts of water. Thus, for the latter part, you will need to take your device for an iPhone screen replacement in Brisbane.

Scratch Resistance

This is an advantage that you can get by applying a screen protector to your iPhone’s display. Since they act as an additional layer, the actual display will be free of scratch and smudges thus providing a crystal clear display. So, in this scenario, it can be established that these protectors do a pretty good job.

Sweat or Liquid Stain Protection

If you use your iPhone for gaming, for instance, you might have noticed occasional greyish or blackish spots or deep smudging on the display. This occurs from the sweat on your fingers.

Though you can clean it off using a cloth, technicians performing iPhone repairs in Brisbane recommend that you use a screen protector since these products can prevent this from happening. Also, if you accidentally spill liquid such as wine, you can wipe it off and won’t notice any stains on the display.

Does Not Create Marks on the Screen

One advantage of these screen protectors is that they do not leave any marks after they are removed from the screen.

The glue of some screen protectors can leave marks though. So, it is important to choose the right product. But if you can’t, ask the technicians nearby carrying out mobile phone repairs in Brisbane.

Does Not Come Off Easily

Another slight advantage that you can get from these screen protectors is that they do not come off from the iPhone’s screen easily, provided they are applied correctly, thus offering somewhat protection.

So, all in all, these protectors can keep the device display somewhat safe. But they can never keep the screen completely safe.

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